How to watch MTG Commander 2019 reveal at Gen Con

WotC steps up presence at Gen Con.

MTG Gen Con Commander 2019 panels and reveals
Image via Wizards of the Coast Magic: The Gathering

August is almost upon us and with it comes the Magic: The Gathering Commander 2019 set and reveals, beginning with Gen Con.

Set to release on Aug. 23 is Commander 2019, with the first reveal for the set beginning on Aug. 1 at Gen Con. Livestreaming from the infamous tabletop gaming convention, MTG previews begin at 5pm CT via the Magic Twitch channel

Following the previews released by MTG designer Gavin Verhey, spoilers will start dropping the first week up until the release of Commander 2019. As a teaser for what fans will find within the new set, Verhey spoiled the awesome new look of Sol Ring

MTG at Gen Con 2019

For those attending Gen Con, MTG has a full weekend’s worth of events and activities. For the convention where WotC first launched into heighten levels of popularity, it’s nice to see the organization once again having a dominant presence. 

Thursday, Aug. 1

  • 10am CT: Panel of watching at MTG card come to life
  • 11am CT: Create an MTG card panel
  • 5pm CT: Panel release of Commander 2019 (streamed Live on Twitch)
  • 6pm CT: Live painting with artists Steve Argyle, Drew Baker, and Ralph Horsley

Friday, Aug. 2

  • 10am CT: MTG cosplay panel
  • 11am CT: Teaching Magic panel hosted by Mike Turian (moderator), Chris Tulach, and Ethan Fleischer
  • 1pm CT: D&D and MTG crossover with a Ravnica adventure
  • 3pm CT: Commander rules panel
  • 6pm CT: Live painting with artist Drew Baker

Saturday, Aug.3

  • 10am CT: MTG Cube panel
  • 11am CT: Stories behind Dominaria 
  • 1pm CT: D&D and MTG crossover
  • 3pm CT: Building a Commander deck for beginners
  • 6pm CT: Live MTG painting with artists Scott Murphy, Aaron Miller, Tom Babbey, Steve Argyle, Tyler Walpole

The first preview of Commander 2019 starts Aug.1 via MTG Twitch at 5pm CT. The set releases on Aug. 23.