How to watch Magic World Championship XXVI

Watch history being made.

Mythic Invitational Magic
Image via Wizards of the Coast Magic: The Gathering

For the first time in the history of Magic, World Championship XXVI players will compete via MTG Arena.

Unlike previous MTG World Championships, only 16 players are competing at Magic XXVI. But the prestigious tournament will run for three days, from Feb. 14 to 17. With a total prize pool of $1 million on the line, the best players from 2019 will compete in Theros: Beyond Death Booster Draft and Standard Constructed via MTG Arena

Here’s everything you need to know about how to watch this tournament. 

Where can I watch Magic Worlds?

There are two ways to watch all the action unfold at Magic World Championship XXVI. Wizards of the Coast will host watch parties at select WPN premium stores on Feb. 14, starting at 1pm CT. Each of these select LGS will run a Worlds event in which the top 16 players will earn an alternative-art foil Crucible of Worlds promo card. 

WotC will also be streaming Magic World Championship XXVI via the MTG Twitch channel, starting at 1pm CT on all three days. 

Update 2/15/2020 at 7:15pm CT: Wizards of the Coast announced during day-two coverage of Magic World Championship XXVI that day-three would start an hour later at 2pm CT.

What formats are being played each day?

Unlike other major tournaments that took place in 2019 and were played on MTG Arena, the structure for Magic Worlds is a bit more complicated.

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Despite the complexity of the round structure, the formats being played are straightforward. 

  • Day one: THB Booster Draft and Standard Constructed
  • Days two and three: Standard Constructed

Who’s casting

Coverage of Worlds will include veteran casters who viewers are used to seeing at major Magic tournaments. 

  • Sean “Day9 Plott: Host
  • Maria Bartholdi: Desk host
  • Becca Scott: Reporter
  • Marshall Sutcliffe: Play-by-play commentary
  • AliasV: Play-by-play commentary
  • Cedric Phillips: Expert
  • Paul Cheon: Expert
  • Brain Kibler: Expert