How to read MTG Strixhaven story lore

Dive into Magic lore for free.

Strixhaven University Rowan and Will Kenrith
Image via WotC

Wizards of the Coast will resume free Magic: The Gathering storytelling through short stories and chapter releases prior to the launch of Strixhaven: School of Mages. 

The first chapter of the main story that’s tied to Strixhaven: School of Mages is scheduled to release on March 25. Free short stories and main chapter releases will resume starting today, WotC announced during the STX spoiler stream.

Similar to Zendikar Rising, which brought about the return of free lore, main chapter releases will take place on Wednesdays while side fiction stories will drop on Fridays. Players and fans of Magic lore can access both the main story and side tales via MTG Daily.

The return of Liliana was announced today, making her an ideal candidate for the main story. Players will recognize her as Professor Onyx, teacher of necromancy, but it’s unlikely that her students are aware of their teacher’s past. 

And for those wondering how Liliana got a job at Strixhaven so quickly, she used to attend Strixhaven University, according to WotC. It’s possible the Planeswalker may have had connections within Witherbloom Collge who were willing to pull a few strings for her. 

Kasmina was also revealed today, but not as a professor of Strixhaven University. The last time Kasmina made an MTG set appearance was in WAR—and it appears she’s still affected by it. Kasmina is at Strixhaven to monitor young Planeswalkers, like the Kenrith twins—Rowan and Will—along with Lukka, who first appeared in IKO

Chapter one of the main story will be released today and continue on Wednesdays via MTG Daily. On Fridays, short stories with a focus on student life at Strixhaven University will drop.