Here’s how to unlock and earn Godzilla card styles in MTG Arena

Get all 19 card styles.

Ikoria Lair of Behemothes Godzilla MTG
Image via WotC Magic: The Gathering

A total of 19 Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths Godzilla card styles are coming to MTG Arena and there are several ways to acquire them. 

Wizards of the Coast revealed today that all 19 Godzilla card styles can either be earned or purchased on MTG Arena. This includes the Japanese only styles available with tabletop booster pack purchases. As with all card styles on Arena that are either purchased or earned, players can only acquire one copy that is applied to all copies of that card. 

Godzilla Series card styles are available when players purchase booster packs, including the Vivien preorder pack bundle and a “buy-a-box set bundle” of either 45 or 90 packs.

  • 6 Packs: One Godzilla Series monsters card style
  • 15 Packs: Three Godzilla Series monsters card styles
  • 45-Packs: Nine Godzilla Series monsters card styles
  • 90-Packs: 18 Godzilla Series monsters card styles
  • Purchase of a Vivien preorder pack bundle: 10 Godzilla Series monster card styles (available until April 16).

Players who purchase the 45 or 90 pack buy-a-box bundles will additionally earn a promotional card, which is Godzilla, King of Monsters within the IKO set. Godzilla is can also get unlocked with an MTG Arena wildcard under its true name, Zilortha, Strength Incarnate.

Limited events taking place during the IKO season will offer Godzilla Series card styles as well. This includes Ranked Draft, Traditional Draft, and Sealed; regardless of a players’ win/loss record. Players who purchase the Vivien preorder bundle will gain access to their card styles when IKO releases via MTG Arena on April 16.