Here’s every WotS Chronicles planeswalker code on MTG Arena

Get these planeswalker codes while they're still valid.

Part two No Escape War of the Spark MTG Arena planeswalker rewards
Image via Wizards of the Coast Magic: The Gathering

The final week of the MTG War of the Spark Chronicles event is underway and with it comes the final Magic: The Gathering stained-glass planeswalker code.

Promoting the MTG War of the Spark expansion prior to the release of Core Set 2020, MTG Arena featured a five-week event with a variety of tournament formats and stained-glass planeswalker card style rewards.

During each of the War of the Spark Chronicles tournaments, a special promo code was released for an additional stained-glass planeswalker. Here are the five WotS Chronicles planeswalker card style codes:

  • OVERTHEMOON for Arlinn, Voice of the Pack
  • INNERDEMON for Ob Nixilis, the Hate-Twisted
  • SHEILDSUP for Teyo, the Sheildmage
  • WRITTENINSTONE for Nahiri, Storm of the Stone
  • ENLIGHTENME for Narset, Parter of Veils

Promo codes on MTG Arena are case-sensitive, so be sure to type them in as seen above. Entering codes is done through the “Store” tab on MTG Arena’s home page.

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The final week of MTG War of the Spark Chronicles runs from June 21 to 28. Part five: Gideon’s Sacrifice is now underway in a Ravnica Constructed format featuring three additional stained-glass planeswalker card style rewards.

At three wins, players earn a Huatli, the Sums Heart card style and at seven wins, they’ll get an Ashiok, Dream Render stained-glass card style. If you dominate in the Ravnica Constructed format with 10 wins, you’ll get a Sarkhan, the Masterless.

Adding the War of the Spark Chronicles event to MTG Arena was a smart move by Wizards of the Coast that should be done with the release of future expansions and sets. The event was an overall success due to it being free-to-play with no record of losses and because of the stained-glass planeswalker card style promo codes and rewards.