Here’s every MTG Zendikar Rising booster, box, bundle, and preconstructed deck

There’s a number of ways to acquire cards.

Zendikar Rising Omnath MTG
Image via WotC Magic: The Gathering

You can collect, gift, and play Magic: The Gathering via a number of different Zendikar Rising products that release on Sept. 26. 

Wizards of the Coast has released a full list of every product associated with Zendikar Rising (ZNR), from the new Set Boosters to preconstructed Commander decks and a Gift Edition set. Each product is unique, offering a variety of alternative art, extended art, foils, and special reprints that aren’t Standard legal. 

Set Boosters

Set Boosters are a new product being released with ZNR, with each pack catered to players who like cracking packs without all the draft chaft found in Draft booster packs. There’s a guaranteed foil in every Set Booster pack, up to four Rares, and a possible card from The List. A full rundown of each section in a Set Booster can be found here.

  • Up to four Rare ZNR cards.
  • One foil in every pack.
  • One out of four packs contains a card from The List.
  • One art card with one out of 20 foil-stamped.
  • One token/ad card.
  • A total of 12 game cards.

Players can purchase a Set Booster individually or in a display containing 30 packs. Each display has one Expedition Box Topper and may also come with one Buy-A-Box promo card. Set Booster packs are priced at around $6 and the box display costs around $130. 

Draft Boosters

Draft Boosters are designed around playing Limited. Everything has remained the same except for an increase in Mythic Rare drops. Players can also receive a ZNR Showcase frame card with an alternative-art or a borderless card. Draft Boosters are individually priced at around $4 a pack and come in a box containing 36 packs that’s around $100. 

Collector Boosters

Featuring high-end ZNR cards, Collector Boosters are the only way to obtain foil Expeditions. Each pack has a guarantee of four Rares, 11 foils, and seven alternative-art frame cards.

  • One card that’s either a foil expedition, foil showcase, foil borderless, or foil extended art Rare or Mythic Rare.
  • One foil Showcase that’s a Common or Uncommon card.
  • Two Showcase or borderless Rare or Mythic Rare cards.
  • One Common or Uncommon Showcase card.
  • One Rare or Mythic Rare foil card. 
  • One Rare or Mythic Rare extended art card. 
  • One full-art basic land card.
  • One foil Uncommon card.
  • One foil Common card.
  • One foil token.

Individual Collector Booster packs are priced at around $23 and also come in a 12-pack display box that has a pre-order price of about $225. Every display box contains two Expedition Box-Toppers and may come with a Buy-a-Box promo as well. 

Theme Boosters

Theme Boosters are returning with the release of ZNR, featuring cards that are thematically related to one another based on color and mechanics. The ZNR set will showcase six different Theme Boosters, one in each color and one featuring all five MTG colors. Each booster contains 33 to 34 cards that are either Common or Uncommon and up to two Rare or Mythic Rare cards. Theme Boosters may also contain Showcase cards. The price of a Theme Booster runs around $10. 

Welcome Boosters

Welcome Boosters replaced Welcome Decks with the launch of Core Set 2021. Every Welcome Booster contains the same cards, designed for new and returning MTG players. These ZNR Welcome Boosters contain legends, planeswalker cards, Showcase cards, a helper card, and a code for a Critter Corps deck on MTG Arena.  Players can acquire a Welcome Booster at their local game store.

Commander decks

With the launch of ZNR, players can grab one of two preconstructed Commander decks: Lands Wrath (RGW) and Sneak Attack (UB). Taking the spot of Planeswalker decks, the preconstructed Commander decks contain a mixture of reprints and new cards priced at around $40. 

Prerelease pack

The COVID-19 pandemic still looms over Magic events but ZNR will offer players the opportunity to purchase a prerelease pack, even if their local game store isn’t holding a prerelease event. Prerelease packs contain six Draft Boosters, a foil date-stamped-card, an insert, and a ZNR 20-sided die. Players can pick up a prerelease pack from their local game store or online. Prices will vary, but the prerelease pack should cost around $25.

ZNR bundle

As opposed to the display boxes, bundles come in their own unique storage box. A bundle contains 10 Draft Boosters, 20 foil basic lands/normal basic lands with a regular frame, one alternative-art card, an oversized spindown, and the storage box. The ZNR bundle will be priced at around $38.

ZNR Gift Edition

Similar to the bundle, a Gift Edition contains a few extra goodies. 

  • One Collector Booster
  • 10 Draft Boosters
  • 20 foil basic lands with a regular frame
  • 20 basic lands with a regular frame
  • One alt-art card
  • One alt-color oversized spindown
  • A shiny alt-art storage box

A Gift Bundle can be purchased for around $45. 

ZNR Box Toppers

A Box Topper is included when players purchase a box display of Set, Draft, and Collector Boosters. Expedition Box Toppers are featured in the ZNR set. There are up to 30 lands from Magic available as a Box Topper, including all 10 MTG fetch lands. The lands aren’t Standard legal and players can’t choose which of the 30 they get.  

Buy-a-Box promo

The Buy-a-Box promo card for ZNR is Orah, Skyclave Hierophant, a Legendary Kor Cleric. A Buy-a-Box promo card has a limited number of prints and is only available while supplies last. Players who purchase a booster display from a local WPN Magic store will receive an alternative-art Orah, Skyclave Hierophant while supplies last.