Here are the MTG Arena patch notes 1.05 and updates for February

New events lead to the return of Kunoros as a pet.

Theros Beyond Death MTG Arena Early Access Streaming Event
Image via Wizards of the Coast Magic: The Gathering

February’s update in MTG Arena isn’t a large one, but it does go into more detail regarding upcoming events and cosmetic additions. 

From Feb. 14 to 17, the best Magic: The Gathering players from 2019 will gather in Honolulu for the World Championship. Magic Worlds XXXVI will be played on MTG Arena for the first time. In conjunction with the most prestigious tournament of the year, WotC is running an Arena event featuring all 16 decks that are being played. 

But the Worlds XXVI Showcase is just one of several new events arriving in MTG Arena within the coming weeks. 

MTG Arena events

A new Ranked Draft schedule was released in today’s update along with prices and dates for the Festival of the Gods events. The patch notes also included more information surrounding the Workshop series. 

Magic XXVI Showcase

  • Dates: Feb. 14 to 17
  • It contains 16 preconstructed decks that are being played at the Magic World Championship. 
  • Format: Best-of-one
  • Entry fee: Free-to-play
  • Rewards: The first three wins will earn a player XP. 

Festival of the Gods

Highlighting each of the gods in Theros: Beyond Death, there are five Festival of the Gods. Each one has an entry fee of 2,500 gold or 500 gems. But players can play the event as often as they like once the entry fee has been paid. Rewards for each of the five events will include showcase constellation styles for that god, the demigod of the same color, and another card style of the same color.

  • Feb. 22 to Feb. 25: Fires of Purphoros (Standard Artisan)
  • Feb. 29 to March 3: Nylea’s Call of the Wild (Giant Monsters Emblem)
  • March 7 to 10: Heliod’s Glory (Immortal Sun Emblem)
  • March 13 to 17: Erebos’s Memoir of Death (Historic Brawl)
  • March 20 to 23: Thassa’s Briny Bounty (preconstructed Singleton with 150 cards

MTG Arena Workshop

Workshop is a new series of FTP events being added to Magic Arena. Each week, players will have access to preconstructed decks. The idea behind Workshop is that it allows players to compete and play with cards that might not be in their collection. 

  • A new Workshop begins every Monday at 10am CT to Wednesday at 10am CT, from Feb. 16 to March 8. 
  • There’s no entry fee to play and only a small reward is available with a first win. 
  • Rewards may be gold, XP, or an Individual Reward Card. 

Each week will showcase an event based on a theme. 

  • Power and Glory: An event in the Brawl format.
  • Heros of Theros: A Limited format event showcasing top decks crafted in THB Draft within Arena
  • Uncharted Paths: An event containing Jank Standard Constructed decks.

Brawlers Guildhall

Despite complaints resonating from the Magic community, WotC has doubled down on Brawlers Guildhall for the month of February. The event still has an entry fee of 10,000 gold or 2,000 gems and rewards players with The Gitrog Monster, originally from Shadows over Innistrad.

Ranked Draft 

The Ranked Draft schedule has changed and will run for two weeks.

  • Feb. 14 to 28: Guilds of Ravnica
  • Feb. 28 to March 13: Theros Beyond Death
  • March 13 to 27: Ravnica Allegiance

Game updates

  • Cards that self-sacrifice will use a confirm button similar to Food Tokens.
  • The hanger for defenders who are allowed to attack will show a crossed-out defender icon.
  • Cards with modified mana costs will show when in hand. 
  • Cards that can be played at a different cost will show the regular cost in hand but highlight the card so players are aware it can be cast.
  • Right-clicking a card will display the card as printed, with base power, toughness, abilities, loyalty, and other features. 
  • The Autotap feature has improved when using stacked dual lands to fulfill different colors of mana.
  • Players can choose 40 card limited decks to battle each other in Direct Challenge with an option of best-of-one or best-of-three. 
  • Draft decks from Sealed and Draft Limited tournaments can now be saved and stored in the deck collection area. 
  • Triggered abilities that relate to, but do not originate with, permanents (such as. Tolsmir’s wolves) will unstack those creatures, allowing players to target them individually.

Card updates in MTG Arena

  • Thassa’s Oracle now displays a message similar to Scry, showing how many cards were placed on top and bottom.
  • Cards named in Medomai’s Prophecy will show up when you mouse over them. 
  • Permanents attached to other permanents highlight correctly when they’re being destroyed, even if they are in a stack.
  • Having Dryad of the Ilysian Grove in play then using Nissa to animate a non-basic forest no longer removes the ability to activate non-mana abilities.
  • Ashiok’s Erasure no longer prevents players from casting cards, even if they weren’t actually exiled.
  • Medomai’s Prophecy shows a hanger with the named card after step II.
  • Destroying Entrancing Lyre while its ability is on the stack no longer results in the tapped creature staying tapped.
  • Using Nightmare Shepherd to return things that aren’t creatures won’t give them the Nightmare subtype.
  • Dreadful Apathy’s ability now works even on permanents that have stopped being creatures.


Kunoros has returned to MTG Arena for a short time based on demand from those in the Magic community. And Nyx basic lands are finally available in the MTGA store, priced at 3,000 gold. 

Secret Lair sleeves from the first seven drops are also available, priced at 4,000 gold or 600 gems. 

Here are the cosmetics that will be leaving the MTG Arena store soon: 

  • Kunoros pet
  • Dragon Whelp pet
  • Escapist bundle
  • Epic Enchantment bundle
  • Historic Anthology 1 bundle

Bug fixes

The level 30 Mastery Pass containing a traditional Draft token has been fixed and displays correctly. Another issue where lands weren’t stacking correctly has also been resolved.

Permanents attached to other permanents are highlighting correctly when they’re being destroyed. This includes those on the stack.