Here are the 5 MTG Kaldheim clans of Bretagard and their leaders

The five clans of Bretagard are human but very different from one another.

A new plane is coming to Magic: The Gathering with the Kaldheim set, containing five human clans within the realm of Bretagard. 

The plane of Kaldheim in MTG contains a total of 10 realms and creature types within the new Viking-inspired set. In the human realm of Bretagard, there are five human clans constantly in “conflict with one another,” according to Wizards of the Coast’s Kaldheim guide. The five clans that reside in the realm of Bretagard are Beskir, Omenseekers, Skelle, Tuskeri, and Kannah. 

Beskir clan

KHM Sigrid, God Favored
Sigrid, God-Favored

Residing within the grassy plains of Feltmark, the Beskir clan is led by Sigrid, God-Favored. She’s a descendant of Hurrik, a legendary warrior who prevented Alrund’s (one of the 12 Gods in Kaldheim) death with a Cosmos wolf monster.

The Beskir clan are the “defenders and adjudicators” of Bretagard via a Code of the Clans, a blood pact to “abide by a common law governing the relationships among the clans.” Beskir clan members enforce strict laws upon themselves and visitors and are known for their hospitality.

Omenseekers clan 

KHM Inga Rune Eyes
Inga Rune-Eyes

Omenseekers reside within the Kirda Pillars of the Kirda sea, led by Inga Rune-Eyes. Known for their sailing skills, “Omenseekers cross both the seas of Bretagard and the space between realms in search of arcane knowledge and new wonders.” As the leader of the Omenseekers, Inga Rune-Eyes is a seer who gains all knowledge from the clan and their expeditions, despite being blind. 

Once a season the Omenseekers gather at Kirda Pillars to share their knowledge gained from other realms with the intent of predicting when the next Dooskar (collision of realms) will occur. There is also an elite group of Omenseekers known as Vedrune Wizards, who apprentice with Frost Giants from the realm Surtland. 

Skelle clan

KHM Varragoth, Bloodsky Sire
Varragoth, Bloodsky Sire

Deep within the Aldergard forest are marshlands, where the Skelle clan resides within the Skelle Mire swamp. The humans of the Skelle clan are “vicious and supernaturally quick,” feared amongst the other four tribes. Led by Varragoth, Bloodsky Sire, the Skelle clan idolizes the demon from the Immersturm realm. Varragoth escaped Immerstrum and made himself the leader of the Skelle clan. Together they led an attack on Beskir Hall, remembered as The Bloodsky Massacre Saga. 

Varragoth returned to his home realm following the attack, but in his absence, remains the leader of the Skelle clan. The Skelle believe Varragoth will return one day to finish the work he began, “wiping out or subjugating the other clans entirely.”

Tuskeri clan

KHM Arni Brokenbrow
Arni Brokenbrow

Located on the eastern side of Bretagard is the Tusk Mountains, home of the Tuskeri clan. Tuskeri humans enjoy war and adventures, always attempting to outdo one another with feats that’ll be remembered for generations to come. A heroic and glorious death in battle is revered by the Tuskeri clan, often leading to them being carried away by the Valkyries of Starnheim when they do pass on. 

Arni “Goatleaper” Brokenbrow leads the Tuskeri clan, recently changing his nickname after winning a headbutting contest with a troll. Despite being proud warriors, the Tuskeri clan lacks organization in battle due to their heroics. Tuskerians love collecting mementos and trophies, lining their hall with weapons, artifacts, and even animal skulls—with each item having a story to go along with it. 

Kannah clan

KHM Fynn, the Fangbearer
Fynn, the Fangbearer

Along the highlands of the Tusk Mountains, on the eastern edge of the Aldergard forest resides a Cursed Tree bound to the nomadic Kannah clan. According to Kannah sagas, a God cursed the clan to “remain in the Aldergard, with no hope of entering the hallowed halls of Stanheim.”

Led by Fynn the Snakehunter—the only human known to wound the Cosmos Serpent—the Kannah clan is made up of temporary settlements, sending groups on expeditions in search of a path to Starnheim. Should a member of the Kannah clan leave the Aldergard forest, they’re cursed with a never-ending winter, forcing them to return or die. 

All images via Wizards of the Coast, Magic: The Gathering.