Everything to know about Red Bull’s Magic: The Gathering Untapped tournament and MCQ

Seats have been awarded as the first MCQ begins this weekend.

Red Bull Magic The Gathering Untapped MCQ tournaments
Image via FACEIT, Red Bull, and Wizards of the Coast

Tens of thousands of applications were submitted to compete in the Magic: The Gathering Untapped MCQ sponsored by Red Bull, and the action begins the last weekend of June. 

Red Bull is partnering with Wizards of the Coast and FACEIT, sponsoring four Mythic Championship Qualifiers (MCQ) for the upcoming MTG Mythic Championship VI in Richmond, Virginia. Tens of thousands of applicants applied for 1,024 seats to compete for a MCVI seat through digital MCQ tournaments online via MTG Arena, along with Live MCQ events in Italy and Belgium.

The MTG Arena MCQ, hosted by FACEIT and Red Bull, starts this weekend (July 29 to 30). The Mythic Championship Qualifiers are being streamed via Red Bulls’s Twitch channel and Untapped FACEIT. Live coverage begins at 2am CT

The MCQ tournaments in Florence, Italy (July 6) and Brussels, Belgium (July 7) will also be livestreamed, beginning at 2am CT. The winners and runner-ups from each of the four MCQ tournaments (top eight) will duke it out Live in London on Aug. 4 at 12pm CT. They will be competing for a chance to earn a seat at Magic: The Gathering Mythic Championship VI, sponsored by Red Bull.  

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The MTG Arena matches will be fought in best-of-three group stages, followed by single elimination brackets. The tournaments in Belgium and Florence will feature three rounds of Magic: The Gathering Sealed Modern Horizons Draft, five rounds in the Modern Constructed format, and then the top eight head-to-head matches. 

Unlike normal Magic: The Gathering MCQ tournaments on MTG Arena, Untapped is not requiring a decklist and players can change decks in between matches.

Each of the MCQ tournaments (digital and paper) has a prize pool for the winners. The two MTG Arena Red Bull MCQ (June 29,30) have a 10,000 prize pool for the top four players. The Magic: The Gathering Red Bull MCQ tournaments in Belgium and Florence, however, have a prize pool of 60,000 for the top 64 players. 

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Coverage of the MCQ Red Bull Magic: The Gathering Untapped tournaments is on Red Bull’s Twitch channel. The two MTG Arena qualifiers are June 29 and 30 while the Belgium and Italy tournaments are on July 6 and 7. The final MCQ Untapped event is in London on Aug. 4, where a winner will be crowned and awarded a seat at Magic: The Gathering Mythic Championship VI in Richmond, Virginia.