Every MTG Showcase and alt-art style in New Capenna

Art hits new heights in SNC.

Image via WotC

Booster fun in Magic: The Gathering is tapping into the Roaring Twenties via Streets of New Capenna art styles and Showcase frames. 

Scheduled to release in April, Streets of New Capenna (SNC) will feature a variety of foil and non-foil Showcase frames, alternative art, and classic borderless/extended frames. The upcoming Standard-legal set takes place on a new multiverse plane, highlighting the city of New Capenna and its gangster/noir style.

The foil box topper Gala Greeters features 11 card-style versions for a variety of regions around the globe. And reprints of the Stranger Things Secret Lair cards are found within The List via SNC booster packs.

SNC land frames

The SNC set contains metropolis and skyscraper frame lands. The metropolis lands have two versions for each MTG color. And there are a total of 10 lands with the skyscraper frame. Five of the skyscraper lands are Rare and the others are not. 

SNC golden age frame

Ziatora, the Incinerator

Every three-color gold card in SNC has a golden age frame treatment version. The foil version of the golden age frame is called gilded, showcasing a metallic sheen within the gold stamp frame. There are a total of 45 three-color gold cards within the SNC set: five Commons, 15 Uncommons, 20 Rares, and five Mythic Rare.

SNC art deco frame

Elspeth Resplendent art deco version

The SNC art deco frame taps into the Roaring Twenties flavor that features noir colors. There is also a gilded version for the art deco frames that are only found in collector booster packs. Within the SNC set, there are four Rares, and five Mythic Rares (including the planeswalkers) with the art deco frame.

SNC Phyrexian frames

Urabrask, Heretic Praetor Phyrexian version

Phyrexian MTG cards return in SNC, with the alternative version getting applied to Urabask, Heretic Praetor.  

SNC borderless and extended versions

Extended SNC versions are found exclusively within collector booster packs and there are around 10 borderless cards within the set that aren’t planeswalkers.

This article will be updated when WotC releases information on where to find every alternative art and Showcase frame style within SNC.