Every MTG Arena Spellbook card and their list

There are a lot of spells to choose from.

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With the introduction of Magic: The Gathering Arena’s new digital-only format Alchemy, Wizards of the Coast unveiled some new cards and mechanics to players that you’ll only find online.

The new “Spellbook” ability is only on a handful of cards created as a part of Alchemy: Innistrad. In total, there are 13 cards that use the mechanic. There are two colorless cards and two cards in each color—except for Green, which has three.

Spellbooks can be triggered through various means. The player who triggered it gets to draft a card from the specific Spellbook associated with a card. 

The drafting process results in a player being shown three random cards to choose, out of the full assortment of cards in a specific Spellbook. Most of the time, drafting that card will effectively Conjure it into your hand.

Each card with a Spellbook has a unique set of spells in it. So, if you’re not aware before using a card that has Spellbook, things can get confusing. To streamline that process, here are all the cards with Spellbook, along with a list of everything in them.

Break Expectations

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Colossal PlowMillstoneWhirlermaker
Magistrate’s ScepterReplicating RingRaiders’ Karve
Weapon RackRelic AmuletOrazca Relic
Fifty Feet of RopePyre of HeroesTreasure Chest
Leather ArmorSpiked Pit TrapGingerbrute

Cursebound Witch

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Witch’s CauldronWitch’s VengeanceWitch’s Oven
Witch’s CottageWitch’s FamiliarCurse of Leeches
Cauldron FamiliarBlack CatSorcerer’s Broom
Bloodhunter BatUnwilling IngredientExpanded Anatomy
Cruel RealityTorment of ScarabsTrespasser’s Curse

Tireless Angler

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Fleet SwallowerMoat PiranhasMystic Skyfish
Nadir KrakenPouncing ShoresharkSea-Dasher Octopus
Spined MegalodonStinging LionfishVoracious Greatshark
ArchipelagoreSerpent of Yawning DepthsWormhole Serpent
Sigiled StarfishRiptide TurtleRuin Crab

Tome of the Infinite

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Swords to PlowsharesLight of HopePonder
Force SpikeDark RitualDurress
Lightning BoltAssault StrobeGiant Growth

Key to the Archive

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Approach of the Second SunDay of JudgementTime Warp
CounterspellDemonic TutorDoom Blade
Lightning BoltClaim the FirstbornKrosan Grip
Growth SpiralLightning HelixPutrefy

Ominous Traveler

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Dominating VampireVampire SocialiteStromkirk Bloodthief
Falkenrath Pit FighterWolfkin OutcastHowlpack Piper
Tovolar, Dire OverlordPatrician GeistShipwreck Sifters
Steelclad SpiritHeron-Blessed GeistArchghoul of Thraben
Champion of the PerishedHeadless RiderBladestitched Skaab

Garruk, Wrath of the Wilds

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Mosscoat GoriakSylvan BrushstriderMurasa Rootgrazer
Direwolf ProwlerFerocious PupPestilent Wolf
Garruk’s UprisingDawntreader ElkNessian Hornbeetle
Territorial SycthecatTrufflesnoutWary Okapi
Scurrid Colony Barkhide TrollUnderdark Basilisk

Hinterland Chef

Image via WotC
Almighty BushwaggFrilled SandwallaMoss Viper
BrushstriderHighland GameIronshell Beetle
Lotus CobraKazandu NectarpotGilded Goose
Nessian HornbeetleScurrid ColonyTerritorial Boar
Deathbonnet SproutSpore CrawlerMoldgraf Millipede

Ishkanah, Broodmother

Image via WotC
Twin-Silk SpiderStriderBrood Weaver
Glowstone RecluseGnottvold RecluseHatchery Spider
Mammoth SpiderNetcaster SpiderSentinel Spider
SnaresnipperSporecap SpiderSpidery Grasp
Spider SpawningPrey UponArachnoform

Arms Scavenger

Image via WotC
Boots of SpeedCliffhaven KitesailColossus Hammer
Dueling RapierSpare DaggerTormenter’s Helm
Goldvein PickJousting LanceMask of Immolation
Mirror ShieldRelic AxeRogue’s Gloves
Scavenged BladeShield of the RealmCeremonial Knife

Tibalt, Wicked Tormentor

Image via WotC
Chained BruteCharmbreaker DevilsFestival Crasher
Forge DevilFrenzied DevilsHavoc Jester
HellriderHobblefiendPitchburn Devils
Sin ProdderSpiteful PranksterTibalt’s Rager
Torch FiendBrimstone VandalDevil’s Play

Faithful Disciple

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Anointed ProcessionCathar’s CrusadeAuthority of the Consuls
Sigil of the Empty ThroneAll That GlittersBanishing Light
Divine VisitationDuelist’s HeritageGlorious Anthem
Gauntlets of LightTeleportation CircleAngelic Gift
Spectral SteelCleric ClassAngelic Exaltation

Slayer’s Bounty

Image via WotC
Bounty AgentOutflankBound in Gold
Bring to TrialGlass CasketReprobation
Collar the CulpritCompulsory RestExpel
Fairgrounds WardenIron VerdictLuminous Bonds
Raise the AlarmSeal AwaySummary Judgement
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