Every borderless, full-art land in MTG Unfinity

Mana bases get some intergalactic flavor.

Image via WotC

The -Un sets, the silly pet projects of Magic: The Gathering’s head designer Mark Rosewater, are known for their outlandish game design, comedic settings, and featuring full-art lands in every release.

These full-art lands are gems for collectors and players looking to stylize their mana bases. MTG’s next -Un set, Unfinity, is continuing the trend by offering full-art basic lands and alternate art versions of the 10 Ravnica Shock lands.

Each full-art land is available in both Draft and Collector booster packs. There are two kinds of “planetary space-ic” lands in the set. The normal lands are found in Draft boosters and foil versions are found in one-in-seven booster packs. Collector boosters have the same drop rate for foils but contain two chances to get foils. The basic lands will drop in traditional foil and galactic foil in separate slots in Collector boosters.

Alongside the regular basic lands are the “orbital space-ic” lands. These cards have artwork from the vantage point of space. One in four packs will contain these lands.

The 10 Ravnica Shock lands are getting special borderless treatment in Unfinity. Shock lands are staple cards in every eternal MTG format and Unfinity reimagines these cards for the set’s science-fiction setting.

The borderless Shock lands will be in one of 24 booster packs. A Draft or Collector booster box will come with a Box Topper that contains a foil borderless shock Land.

Unfinity is set to release on April 1 with spoiler season beginning in late March.

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