Best colorless and land MTG New Capenna Limited Draft cards

Pick lands and avoid Artifacts.

Image via WotC

Drafting Magic: The Gathering lands takes priority within the New Capenna Limited format while colorless Artifacts take a back seat. 

Mana-fixing within a Streets of New Capenna (SNC) Limited Draft format plays an integral role in the drafting process. Unlike two-color sets in which the dual lands end up getting picked last, players will want to prioritize lands over most average picks when drafting. There are a total of three land cycles within the SNC set: Common rarity sacrifice lands, Common rarity Dual-lands, and Rare Tri-lands. 

The Rare Tri-lands are a bomb within the New Capenna Limited Draft format and should always get picked immediately. These lands come in untapped and have the MTG Cycling option available should you get mana flooded.

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Both the sacrifice lands and the Dual-lands are solid mana-fixers, with the Dual-lands slightly more valuable of a pick prior to knowing the archetype you want to build. The Dual-lands come in tapped but have value during the late game via sacrificing themselves to draw you a card should you have an abundance of mana. And the SNC sacrifice lands are a version of Evolving Wilds, sacrificing themselves upon entering the battlefield to search out one of three color basic lands in your library. 

In addition to the multiple forms of mana-fixing lands, there are a total of 14 colorless Artifact SNC cards. And none of them are worth a top pick in a New Capenna Draft. The only Artifact players should consider within the first three picks of a pack is Getaway Car. It’s a three-drop 4/3 vehicle that can Crew for one, returning the creature that Crewed it to your hand. Getaway Car synergizes with enter the battlefield abilities and the Alliance mechanic, while also providing pressure via its 4/3 stats. 

A majority of the other Artifacts found within the SNC set are mostly bad and should get passed during a Draft if possible. When seeing New Capenna colorless cards towards the end of a pack, there are a few worthy of grabbing.

Paragon of Modernity can function as a solid finisher. Arc Spitter can work creature-heavy builds. Scuttling Butler is a solid mid-pack choice if your options are weak, able to hit for a ton of potential damage. Quick-Draw Dagger has some value due to Flash but isn’t worth the three mana to cast it normally. And Luxior, Giada’s Gift within the New Capenna Limited Draft format is a trap.