All MTG Showcase Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty styles and where to find them

Show off sweet art and unique frames.

Image via WotC

The global Magic: The Gathering launch of Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty will contain a total of nine Showcase styles that are available via booster packs or exclusively at WPN stores. 

Wizards of the Coast continues to expand its Showcase frame and ink treatments with the tabletop launch of Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty (NEO) on Feb. 18. Included in the lineup of alternate art are special frames for ninjas and samurai, along with the return of foil-etching. The NEO set highlights a mashup between modernity and tradition and that flavor is carried over into all the Showcase style frames and treatments within the set. 

Here are the nine NEO Showcase frames and treatments per WotC

NEO Ukiyo-e basic lands

Ukiyo-e is a Japanese woodblock print and painting style of art. There are a total of 10 basic lands in NEO that are based on the Ukiyo-e style, two for each mana color. Every Ukiyo-e basic land is in Japanese, no matter what region of the world you open them in. 

The Ukiyo-e lands are found in set and Draft booster packs, with only a foil version found in collector booster packs. One-third of all Draft and set boosters contain a Ukiyo-e land. And one-third of them in set booster packs are foil. Every collector booster contains a foil Ukiyo-e land. 

NEO ninja frame

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There are a total of 22 ninja creatures in NEO, along with the planeswalker Kaito Shizuki, all having their own Showcase ninja frame. Cards with the ninja treatment are found in Draft, set, and collector booster packs. In total, there are seven Commons, eight Uncommons, six Rares, and two Mythic Rares. 

NEO samurai frame

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Similar to the ninja creatures, every samurai within the NEO set has a samurai frame. There are a total of 21 samurai creatures—ten at Common, seven Uncommon, four Rare, and one Mythic Rare. Also featured in the samurai frame is the planeswalker, The Wandering Emperor. 

NEO Phyrexian treatment

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Tamiyo, Competed Sage, and Jin-Gitaxias, Progress Tyrant are the only two Phyrexian cards within the NEO set. Both have the Phyrexian frames featuring alternative art, found in Draft, set, and collector booster packs. 

NEO borderless frames

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Every NEO planeswalker has a borderless frame card. Also having versions with borderless frames are the five legendary dragons and the five legendary lands. Cards with borderless frames and alternate art are found in Draft, set, and collector booster packs.

Image via WotC

There is also a borderless frame NEO buy-a-box promo card that is found at local WPN stores featuring the human ninja Satoru Umezawa.

NEO Soft glow treatment

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There are a total of 37 Rare and six Mythic Rare NEO cards that have the soft glow treatment applied to them. Some of the Dual-Faced sagas will also have alternative art on both sides, along with the soft glow frame on the backside. The soft glow frames come in non-foil and foil, found in Draft, set, and collector booster packs. 

NEO extended art frames

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Excluding planeswalkers within the NEO set, every Rare and Mythic Rare has an extended art version. Extended art frames are exclusively found in collector booster packs. There are 53 Rare and 11 Mythic Rare cards with the extended art frame, along with six Rare and three Mythic Rare sagas that also have the treatment. NEO Commander decks also contain cards with extended art frames and all of them are non-foil. 

NEO foil etching treatment

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A total of 12 cards within the NEO set have the returning foil etching treatment. All are exclusively found within collector booster packs. 

  • One Rare and four Mythic Rare foil-etched in soft glow frames
  • One Rare and two Mythic Rare foil-etched in ninja frames
  • One Rare and one Mythic Rare foil-etched in samurai frames
  • Both Phyrexian frames have a foil-etched version

Neon ink foil treatment

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The neon ink foil treatment is found only on Hidetsugu, Devouring Chaos, featuring the colors red, green, blue, and yellow. The yellow versions at found exclusively at WPN premium stores. Only NEO collector boosters contain the blue, red, and green neon ink foil versions of Hidetsugu, Devouring Chaos.

All nine NEO Showcase frames and treatments are for MTG tabletop cards. Some will also appear within MTG Arena.