All marches in MTG’s Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty

Walk the walk.

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Marches in Magic: The Gathering’s new set Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty are a cycle of five mono-colored Rare spells that have X in their cost, and each of them can be paid for in part by exiling cards in your hand.

Each card requires one mana of a specific color. Players can exile cards of that color from their hand to pay two generic mana toward the X cost of the spell. All five spells are Instants.

Here are all of the march spells in MTG’s Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty.

March of Otherworldly Light

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The White march is a simple instant that can be used to exile a permanent. While it could be useful in some situations, there are numerous options in constructed formats that work more optimally than it even when you consider the alternative means for paying for the spell.

March of Swirling Mist

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The Blue march spell has a reasonable potential to get some play in decks that want to exploit Blink abilities. Being able to Blink any number of creatures on a whim is going to be especially powerful in decks like Bant Blink in Historic.

Meanwhile, the spell can phase out creatures that an opponent controls as well, giving it added flexibility in a pinch.

March of Wretched Sorrow

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The Black march is a kill spell that also serves as a form of lifegain. In many formats, the lifegain won’t be worth the added mana cost of the spell. There are numerous more powerful removal spells in Standard, Modern, and Historic.

This card will probably be worth taking if you decide to run a Black deck in a limited format, though. Removal in a limited setting is always a powerful late-game tool that you’ll likely have limited access to, especially in a draft.

March of Reckless Joy

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The Red march has reasonable potential to be an alternative to Lit Up The Stage in mono-Red Burn decks. Part of Light Up The Stage’s power, however, is its spectacle cost of one Red mana.

If you’re playing a Red Burn deck in Historic and feel like you’re regularly coming up short on fuel at the end of games, it could be worth throwing in one or two Marches of Reckless Joy to give you a little bit of extra card advantage. But it’s not likely to make too much of a difference because it will be more expensive than you’ll want to pay.

March of Burgeoning Life

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The Green march is a typical ramp payoff card for a deck that wants to play large scary creatures as threats. While the card has the potential to be powerful, it will require players to have the right combination of ramp cards and large creatures. 

After ramping up to your impressive threat, you’ll need to keep the creature alive for a turn before being able to benefit from March of Burgeoning Life. That being said, if you can pull off the stunt, it will likely put your opponent in a dire situation.