When does Season 8 of Brawl Stars release?

The upcoming season will bring the players into a world of fairy tales.

Image via Supercell

The seventh season of Brawl Stars, The Jurassic Splash, is approaching its end–meaning that the next season is coming soon.

It will feature a new Brawler, new battle pass, as well as multiple new themed-skins. In terms of gameplay changes, however, it will be a less drastic season than the previous ones.

The main gameplay changes will be focused on the solo showdown game mode, which will be reworked. Some Brawlers will likely receive some balance changes, but Supercell has yet to reveal them. Fans will have to wait for the official patch notes to know if their favorite Brawlers will receive buffs or nerfs.

According to the in-game timer, season seven will end in one week on Aug. 30. The next season will likely launch shortly after following a maintenance.

The upcoming battle pass will feature Ash, who will be up to grab for premium owners. The chromatic Brawler is a Trash Knight who uses their sword to hit targets from medium range while taking hits for their teammates.

The fairy tale-themed skins released during season eight will include Unicorn Knight Barley, Evil Queen Pam, and Handsome Colt, as well as Princess Shelly and Ninja Ash in the Brawl Pass.

The players don’t have much time left to earn more tiers of the Jurassic Splash Brawl pass, but the grind should be easier with all the season quests unlocked. For players who already completed the pass, they can earn additional rewards for collecting more tokens, Big Boxes to get coins, Brawler points or even some Brawlers to complete their collection.

The Power League season, on the other hand, will end in three days. If you want to get more Star Points, this is the time to launch a few games and earn some as season rewards.