Two Brawl Stars characters coming in season 12, more revealed

The season is going to be explosive.

Screengrab via Supercell

Brawl Stars fans are in for a treat. The latest Brawl Talk revealed the two next brawlers earlier today. The next season will also include a series of new skins, a rework of the gear feature, the Bolt Drop game mode, new daily rewards, and more.

The next brawler to be released will be included in the premium version of Brawl Pass and is called Janet. She is an “acrobatic performer” and singer who shoots projectiles in a cone.

The pattern of her attack will be unique in the game. The cone gets narrower with more distance and larger when shot closer. Her super is also unique: she can activate a jetpack to fly and avoid damage for a few seconds while dropping missiles on the ground below her.

The second announced brawler is Bonnie, Janet’s little sister. She will become available around the middle of the season, similar to previous characters, when she will likely appear in the shop and in random boxes.

Bonnie has two forms: one where she moves in a cannon and shoots cannonballs at a great distance, and the other where she runs much faster but loses most of her range.

Her Super will allow her to switch forms, as well as trigger a special attack that sees her shooting herself into the air, dealing damage around her, and landing on another location. It looks similar to Piper’s ultimate.

Those two brawlers are linked to Stu and perform in the same show as the brawler. To celebrate their launch, another event featuring their enemies will take place during the season, with new skins for Byron, Lola, and Bonnie. New visuals for Janet, Carl, Meg, Spike, Darryl, Mr. P, and Tara will also enter the shop and Brawl pass during season 12.

Screengrab via Supercell

The next season will feature a new game mode to test out, called Bolt Drop. Two teams of three players will face off in an arena to collect the most bolts from bots that will drop in random parts of the map. The players will have to kill the bots to get their bolts. The first team to collect eight bolts, or the most within two minutes, wins.

Season 12 will offer more new content, such as the debut of sprays that the players can put on the ground, new gadgets, pins, a gear rework, Power League adjustments, and more rewarding daily presents.

Brawl Stars‘ season 12 has yet to receive an official release date, but according to the game’s countdown, it’ll be introduced on April 31.