Tribe Gaming demolish Dignitas in week 4 of the CRL West

The team has moved to the top of the table.

Image via Supercell

Tribe Gaming beat Dignitas in two straight matches today. The team has now advanced to the top of Group B in the Clash Royale League (CRL) West.

Both teams were undefeated coming into today and sat tied in the first place of Group B. Fans expected a nail-biting series between the two dominant teams but instead saw Tribe Gaming dismantle Dignitas 2-0.

The two-versus-two set saw Tribe Gaming’s Charlie “Boeufmac” McLaren and Jarod “Azilys” Emmanuel take on Dignitas’ Duvan “Kodigo” Rodriguez and Brian “Flash” Uriel. While Tribe Gaming managed to win the first match with one crown comfortably, the second match was an exciting one.

Dignitas were leading in the final 30 seconds of the match. A late-game push by Boeufmac and Azilys in the final seconds saw both of Dignitas’ princess towers fall by a Dark Knight, two baby dragons, and a rage spell on the right and a Golem on the left. With this win, Tribe won the set 2-0.

For the one-versus-one, Dignitas put forth Juan “Lince” Ignacio Mir against Tribe’s Eungyu “JupiterKing” Park. JupiterKing showed why he is the king of one-versus-ones by taking down Lince in a 2-0. JupiterKing won the first match by taking down a princess tower in the final moments, but the second match of the set had to go into tie-breaker. Lince’s tower sat at just seven HP, however, giving JupiterKing another win.

The fourth week of the CRL West spring season 2020 is currently underway. After Tribe and Dignitas, Team Queso will take on Pain Gaming today. Tomorrow, Chivas Esports will compete against Cream Real Betis while Spacestation Gaming will be up against Misfits.