The 5 best mobile esports

What's the best?

Photo via VSPN

Mobile esports have boomed in popularity recently and arguably represent the future of gaming as we know it.

Globally, they’re a downright phenomenon, and are only getting bigger. Here are some of the best mobile esports to get into.

Clash Royale

Supercell’s smash hit is still going strong, and boasts a considerably sized esports scene. Moving back to a one-vs-one format was a huge benefit for the scene. Teams were nice, but the roots of the competition are in one-vs-one play.

The format is completely open to all and features eight individual seasons that will culminate in the 2021 CRL Global Finals. The qualification process for the tournament is ongoing.

Garena Free Fire

Featuring an international player base, massive prizes, and a character modeled after Cristiano Ronaldo, Garena Free Fire has to be included in this list.

Millions and millions around the globe play Free Fire, and while it hasn’t caught on as much in the West, it’s still one of the biggest esports in the world. There are only professional competitions in Malaysia and India currently, but should it keep growing, it’s hard to see it not becoming significantly larger soon.

PUBG Mobile

Bluehole’s smash hit may not have the PC or console player base it once did, but on mobile, PUBG is thriving.

The battle royale craze began with PUBG, but the genre it popularized quickly passed it by. Fortnite took the concept into the stratosphere, and newcomers Apex Legends and Warzone have been excellent additions as well. PUBG is still the most popular mobile battle royale, and boasts esports tournaments with considerable amounts of prize money.

Combined, $14 million are up for grabs in PUBG Mobile, which added seven regions in 2021: CIS, Turkey, Western Europe, Arabia, North America, Latin America, and Brazil.

Call of Duty Mobile

The Call of Duty League may be the most visible form of Call of Duty, but it’s mobile counterpart boasts a considerable scene with $2 million up for grabs in June at the Call of Duty: Mobile World Championship.

It may be young, but there’s a ton of potential in CoD: Mobile. With further investment from Activision Blizzard and an increasing player base, there’s no reason why the esport can’t boom.

It’ll face stiff competition from the console/PC versions of its game, however. Call of Duty esports are still insanely popular and boast one of the most dedicated core group of fans across all esports. It’ll be tough to beat out that established core.

Arena of Valor

Mobile MOBAs are skyrocketing in popularity, and one of the world’s biggest is Arena of Valor. In 2020, the game notched over 100 million daily users. The esports scene isn’t what it was, but the game is still massively popular.

Other mobile MOBAs are on the come up, specifically Riot Games’ Wild Rift. But Arena of Valor (known as Honor of Kings in China) still tops the list for now.