Supercell to allow up to 2 teams per organization in the Brawl Stars Championship circuit

This change will likely shake up the esports scene this season.

Image via Supercell

Even though the 2021 Brawl Stars Championship circuit was launched earlier in the year, Supercell changed a rule yesterday.

Esports organizations are now able to sign up to two teams and they can be from the same region. Although Supercell announced this change, the rulebook available on its official website has yet to be updated.

“Team organizations are allowed to own and operate a maximum of
two (2) Teams in the Tournament,” the rulebook reads. “If an organization owns two Teams in the Tournament, their names and logos must be clearly
distinguishable, eg. ‘El Primo Red’/’El Primo Blue.'”

But the next rule still prevents two teams from competing in the same tournament. “If a team organization owns two (2) Teams in the
Tournament, these two (2) Teams may not participate in
competition within the same region,” according to the rulebook. It’s unclear if this rule will also be updated or changed.

This change resulted from frequent requests by community members over the last few months. In the Brawl Stars competitive scene, there are countless small esports organizations that aim to find raw talents and put them in the spotlight, but high-profile organizations are much less numerous due to the game’s niche community.

In the 2020 World Finals, for example, high-profile organizations in the top eight included PSG Esports, INTZ, AC Milan Qlash, and SK Gaming. But since there aren’t that many of them, allowing them to sign up to two teams in the same circuit and region will likely enhance the competitiveness at the highest level of play while offering more opportunities for the promising players in the scene.

On the other hand, if many of those organizations use this new rule to sign two distinct teams, it will also give them more spotlight while making it harder for smaller organizations to be seen.