Supercell issues fair play warning to Clash Royale players

Resorting to unfair means will get you banned.

Image via Supercell

With the Clash Royale League (CRL) adopting an open-for-all format in 2021, Supercell has issued a fair play warning to players. The company has revealed the reasons why a player may get banned from the game.

Supercell’s fair play team will be regularly conducting manual checks to ensure all players are following the fair play policy. Any player who is found to be cheating or using any other unfair advantage will be banned.

A few reasons why a player may get banned are:

Sharing accounts

Any player who has shared their account with anyone over the past two seasons can get a temporary ban. This would lead to a disqualification from ongoing competitions.

Purchasing gems from unofficial sources

Players who have bought a “significant” amount of gems from anywhere other than Clash Royale’s in-game shop can get banned.

Purchasing accounts

If a player has purchased their Clash Royale account from someone else, it’s “very likely” that they could get banned.

Supercell has added that it may give first-time offenders the benefit of the doubt. But repeat offenders could get a permanent disqualification from the CRL and Supercell esports. They may also get a permanent ban from Clash Royale.

Currently, the first of eight seasons of the $1,644,000 CRL is underway. The season’s trophy race will end on Jan. 31. The top 1,000 players from the in-game leaderboard will advance to the monthly qualifier. The top eight players from here will compete in a two-day monthly final on Feb. 27 and 28. The monthly final will be broadcast live with the winner walking away with $20,000.