Supercell is giving free rewards for watching Clash Royale League West

A motive for watching the tournament doesn't get stronger than this.

Image via Supercell

As the Clash Royale League (CRL) West approaches its final weeks and the fight for a playoffs spot intensifies, Supercell is giving free rewards for watching the tournament. Players can earn up to two gold chests, 20 gems, and 2000 gold by watching weeks four, five, and six of the CRL West for just 12 consecutive minutes.  

To be eligible for the rewards, players will have to connect their Clash Royale accounts to the Supercell ID. This can be done through the settings tab of the game.

Players can then watch the broadcast on the official Clash Royale Esports channel on YouTube. While watching the tournament live, a Rewards button will be visible under the video. Click on that and follow the instructions that follow to connect your Supercell ID to YouTube. When this is done, players can watch Week 4, 5, and 6 of the CRL West for 12 consecutive minutes and will find their rewards deposited in-game.


The rewards are as follows:

  • Week Four (Oct. 5 and 6) – Gold Chest
  • Week Five (Oct. 12 and 13) – 10 gems
  • Week Six (Oct. 19 and 20) – Gold Chest, 2000 gold, and 10 gems

Matches will be live from 12pm CT in the aforementioned dates.

Image via Supercell

 While these rewards are only restricted to watching the West division of the Clash Royale League, players from around the world can receive the rewards as well by tuning into the action happening at CRL West.