Spacestation and SK Gaming move on to CRL West 2020 semifinals

The semifinals will be held tomorrow.

Image via Supercell

The playoffs for the Clash Royale League (CRL) West spring season 2020 began today with the quarterfinals. Spacestation Gaming played against reigning world champions, Team Liquid, while Cream Real Betis lined up against defending CRL West champions, SK Gaming. 

Team Liquid, which won the CRL World Finals 2019 couldn’t find themselves in the same form today. The team lost the two-versus-two and the first one-versus-one sets back-to-back. 

In the second one-versus-one set, Team Liquid’s Diego “DiegoB” Becerra defeated Spacestation Gaming’s Tsimafei “LaPoKaTi” Lapanik 2-1. After losing the first game of the set, DiegoB secured victories in the next two must-win matches to take the series to a fourth set. 

Spacestation’s Nicholas “thegod_rf” Kublin took down Team Liquid’s Cristian “KaNaRiOoo” Hernandrez 2-0 in this one-versus-one set. Spacestation Gaming will now move on to the semifinals of the CRL West 2020 spring season where they will be up against Tribe Gaming tomorrow. 

In the second quarterfinal, Cream Real Betis locked horns with CRL West’s 2019 fall season champions, SK Gaming. 

SK Gaming started the series off in spectacular fashion after winning the two-versus-two set 2-0. SK’s Samuel “xopsam” Klotz and Morten “Morten” Mehmert secured a clean sweep on Cream’s Yeray “Yeray” Rodriguez Soriano and Deigo “DiegoE” Enrique. 

Cream Real Betis, however, staged a comeback and won the next two one-versus-one sets. In the third one-versus-one set, SK’s Morten took down Cream’s Yeray 2-0 to send the game to a fourth set and keep SK’s dreams of another CRL West trophy alive. 

The final king-of-the-hill set saw Cream’s DiegoE, Pedro “xPedro15” Augusto, and Daniel “Saint Belikin” Zinzan Rean match up against Javier “Javi14” Rodriguez, Xopsam, and Morten. 

DiegoE almost took the series for Cream as he won the first two matches of the set against SK’s Javi14 and Xopsam. SK’s Morten, who came in on the third match, secured a clean reverse sweep taking down all three of Cream Real Betis’ players. 

SK Gaming will now fight for a spot in the finals against Misfits Gaming in the semifinals tomorrow.