Pikmin Bloom update adds new flower-based challenges, invite feature, and more

Now you can complete challenges alongside your friend and family easier than ever before.

Niantic has today revealed the latest patch to arrive in the game which will bring new ways to play with friends and more challenges to complete each week.

In the official patch details shared on Pikmin Bloom’s website, Niantic details the new Flower Planting Weekly Challenges that have arrived in the game.

Instead of steps being the goal for your weekly challenge, you’ll now also have a new goal to plant as many flowers as possible.

If you’re eager to make the most from the options you can participate in both at the same time, otherwise, you may choose between steps or flowers to complete your weekly challenge.

The patch notes also shared that those who complete a weekly challenge before July 24 will receive a special outfit for their avatar. If you enter a step-based challenge you’ll get the Explore T-Shirt but this is only available until July 17. Those who take part in a flower-based challenge will get the Flower Print T-Shirt.

Playing alongside your friends has never been so easy now an invite button has been added to the game. When signing up for weekly challenges you’ll now have the ability to invite friends to join you.

Rounding out the update Niantic promised in-person events will be coming to Pikmin Bloom players in the United States, however, no details about these have been shared yet.

The update is now available to download and play, but if you’re interested in more specifics you can check out the official press release here.