Here’s the Pikmin Bloom APK download link for Android

Walk to sow and make Pikmin plants grow in the world.

Image via Nintendo

The first mobile game developed in collaboration between Niantic and Nintendo, Pikmin Bloom, started its global release earlier today on iOS and Android devices from Australia and Singapore.

Over the next few days, the game will become available in more countries and roll out globally. The game is free, but also offers a paid option in the form of flower coins to progress faster through the game.

Pikmin Bloom is a Pokémon Go-style game where the gameplay focuses on walking with GPS enabled to earn rewards and progress through the game. But instead of Pokémon, the player can sow Pikmin plant seeds and enable them to grow by walking outside.

Pikmin Bloom APK download link for Android

For Android users, only one tap on the game’s page in the Google Store will be required to download the game. But if you can’t find the game in the store or have another issue with it, here’s how to play it using the APK file.

Download link

How to download Pikmin Bloom via APK

  • Using your Android device, download the APK file. It will require only 250 Mb of storage space.
  • If you have yet to download APK files on your device, you’ll have to change your settings before using the file. Head to your Safety and Privacy settings and enable the installation of apps from unknown sources. Otherwise, your phone won’t be able to use it.
  • Find the file in your folders and tap on it to install the game.
  • Pikmin Bloom’s icon should appear on your main menu and you’ll be able to open it.
  • Log in using a Niantic or Nintendo account, if you already have one.

Since the game has yet to be released outside of Singapore and Australia, you might not be able to play the game in other countries. It’s possible to use a VPN if you want to test it out before it’s released in your country. But be warned: Niantic sometimes bans accounts that use a VPN under some circumstances since it can be considered cheating, so you’ll be taking a risk if you do this.