Nova Esports win Peacekeeper Elite League season 2

They have received over $140,000 with this win.

Image via VSPN

Nova Esports emerged as the champions of the second season of the Peacekeeper Elite League (PEL) today. They pocketed over $140,000 with this victory. The PEL features Game for Peace, which is the Chinese version of PUBG Mobile.

The team previously played under the X-Quest F banner but were acquired by Nova Esports before the PEL began. With X-Quest F, the squad earned a number of accomplishments including a second-place finish at the 2019 PUBG Mobile Club Open (PMCO) spring split global finals and were the champions of the Peacekeeper Elite Championship (PEC) 2019.

Nova managed three chicken dinners to get them to the top of the rankings table with 191 points. They faced tough opposition from the second-placed roster of Royal Never Give Up who managed 183 points.

Here are the complete rankings of the PEL season two:

  • Nova Esports: 191 points
  • Royal Never Give Up: 183 points
  • Four Angry Men: 166 points
  • Six Two Eight: 155 points
  • YiQiLang: 153 points
  • LK Gaming: 136 points
  • Qing Jiu Club: 135 points
  • LGD Gaming: 122 points
  • Team Game: 119 points
  • All Gamers: 110 points
  • ACT: 101 points
  • The Chosen: 97 points
  • AgFox Black: 96 points
  • Tianba: 87 points
  • Da Kun Gaming: 83 points

This season of the PEL featured an interesting partnership with the mixed martial arts company, Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). During the regular season, the best team of each week won a golden belt from the UFC.