New characters and maps revealed for Star Wars: Hunters

New content for the upcoming Star Wars arena combat game is coming soon.

Image via Zynga

Zynga and Lucasfilm Games revealed yesterday that two new characters, along with new maps and a new game mode, would be introduced to the upcoming arena combat game set in the Star Wars universe, Star Wars: Hunters.

Star Wars: Hunters is set after the fall of the Galactic Empire and allows players to compete as bounty hunters, heroes of the Rebellion, and holdouts of the fallen Empire. The game, which will be available on Nintendo Switch and mobile devices, will also allow cross-play between devices and platforms, and won’t require a Switch Online Membership.

New hunters: Skora and Sprocket

  • Skora: Originally a legendary and villainous cartel doctor, Skora delivers health to her allies and harm to her enemies with her Dart Gun ability.
  • Sprocket: Equipped with an arsenal of droids to protect his allies and defeat his enemies, Sprocket is the most loyal fan of Hunters of the Outer Rim, and controls his tech from a custom Command Chair.

New game mode and new maps

Image via Zynga

A new and much-awaited game mode, Huttball, will be added to the game. This fan-favorite event has hunters go for as many goals as they can against their enemies in a brutal, no-rules arena version of Hutball.

Two new maps will also be added to the game: The Great Hunt and Dusty Ridge. The first is a new Escort map where players will have to take a huge harpoon through the desert of Tatooine to reach the moon of Endor. The latter, Dusty Ridge, will take hunters through the sand dunes to dominate their opponents in their favorite sport, Huttball.

Set to release on mobile devices and Nintendo Switch later this year, Star Wars: Hunters will be available as a free download on the Nintendo Switch store, Apple’s App Store, and Google Play.