New Alice in Wonderland-themed elite pass launches in Free Fire

Follow the white rabbit.

Image via Garena

A new elite pass, Willful Wonders, has been launched in the mobile game Free Fire. It offers players a lot of rewards upon earning battle pass points in the form of Mad Hatter’s hats.

The pass features a free and elite version, with exclusive rewards for the upgraded one. They’re Alice in Wonderland-themed with bright colors and magical items.

The elite pass highlights two exclusive skins reminiscent of a dark version of Alice and of the Mad Hatter, as well as plenty of cosmetics in the form of rabbits, flowers, and hats. It contrasts with the last elite passes, which were either winter-themed or had a darker style.

Players will have all of March to collect tokens through completing daily and seasonal challenges.

Here’s what the elite bundle offers upon purchasing it:

  • Rewards worth 10,000 diamonds by completing all tiers of the pass
  • Unlocking elite challenges to earn more points
  • Increase of daily gold limit by 100
  • Nickname showed as a glorious red in kills
  • Exclusive animated avatar
  • Unlock of 50 badges
  • Dame set, exclusive icon and banner

The elite pass costs 1,599 diamonds instead of 2,299, which can be bought for around $15. Players can access the list of rewards by tapping on the teacup in the game’s main menu.

Meanwhile, Free Fire players can earn various rewards for completing challenges, trading tokens, and logging in with the Happy Women’s Day event from Feb. 28 to March 8. Players have a chance to win a cute panda cosmetic by logging in to the game on March 8, which is the date of International Women’s Day.

The Project Cobra event has also been underway since Feb. 4. Players still have until March 7 to collect all the tokens and rewards offered by the event and play the Bermuda remastered map to complete challenges.