Is there a Gulag in Warzone Mobile?

And would it be smaller on mobile phones?

Image via Activision

Call of Duty Warzone took over consoles when it first arrived, now the FPS titan is branching out to mobile. Warzone Mobile is bringing the classic battle royale to the small screen, with features from the original title making it across the platforms.

Players will drop into Verdansk, just like in the console version. The map features all the usual spots and locations for fans to revisit from the comfort of wherever they want.

All vehicles will be available, just like the original Warzone, fans will be able to take to the skies and traverse the open plains of Verdansk freely on land-based vehicles. Buy stations will be available, and contracts will be there for players to track enemies and collect bounties.

The upcoming Warzone 2.0 map, Al Mazrah will eventually make its way onto Warzone Mobile.

And the big question is, will the Gulag make it to handheld devices?

Will Warzone Mobile have the Gulag?

The Gulag will be back in action on Call of Duty Warzone Mobile. Players will have a second chance to get back into the game with the intense and fast-paced one-on-one game mode.

Warzone Mobile is taking the battle royale to new places, similarly to how Fortnite transitioned to mobile in 2018. The newest version of the title is looking to make as big a wave as it did on consoles, but on players’ phones instead.

The handheld Warzone version’s only release window so far is “2023.”