How to watch the Brawl Stars Championship July finals

Qualification points to the World Finals will be up for grabs.

Image via Supercell

The July monthly finals for the Brawl Stars Championship will happen from July 4 to 5. Top teams from around the world will be competing for a share of the $62,500 prize pool and qualification points to the Brawl Stars World Finals later this year.

Three teams each from four regions have made it to the July finals through the in-game championship challenge and the online qualifiers last May. The regions are APAC, Europe, LATAM South, NA and LATAM North.

The monthly finals were supposed to be played as a LAN event in Katowice, Poland, but they have been moved to an online setting due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Here is everything you need to know about the Brawl Stars Championship July monthly finals.


  • The top three teams from the online qualifiers in each region will be competing.
  • The three teams from each region will face each other in a single round-robin format.
  • Every game will be the best-of-three sets. Each set will be the best-of-five matches.



  • Jupiter
  • SK Miracle
  • PSG Esports


  • CODEMAGIC Purple
  • Qlash EU
  • Tribe Gaming


  • INTZ
  • B4 Esports
  • Red Canids

NA and LATAM North

  • Kosmos Esports
  • Omen Elite
  • IX Snacks

Prize pool and qualification points

NA and LATAM North and LATAM South have the same distribution. APAC and Europe, on the other hand, have an equal distribution of the prize pool and qualification points.

NA and LATAM North and LATAM South

  • First place: 50 points and $9000
  • Second place: 30 points and $2000
  • Third place: 20 points and $1250

APAC and Europe

  • First place: 70 points and $9000
  • Second place: 50 points and $6000
  • Third place: 40 points and $4000


July 4 (Day one)

  • Asia Finals: 3am CT
  • Europe Finals: 5 am CT

July 5 (Day two)

  • LATAM South Finals: 9am CT
  • NA and LATAM North Finals: 11am CT


All matches will be live-streamed on the official Brawl Stars YouTube channel in English.