How to perform an expedition in Pikmin Bloom

No slacking Pikmins.

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Players will become best friends with their Pikmins in Pikmin Bloom. Not only will they walk with you and accompany you on your adventures, but you’ll also be able to send them on expeditions.

Once sent on an expedition, a Pikmin will look for seedlings and fruits in your local area. If they find anything worthy, they’ll deliver it to you.

If your Pikmin comes back with fruit, you’ll be able to turn it into nectar and give it to your Pikmin. If it’s a seedling, you can decide to grow it in a planter.

How to send your Pikmin on expeditions in Pikmin Bloom

Expeditions sound simple enough, but finding out how you can send your Pikmin on these little adventures can be the most difficult part about them if you haven’t explored the in-game UI.

To send your Pikmin on expeditions:

  • Bring up the main menu
  • Click on the steps button that can be found on the top side of your screen
  • After pressing the steps button, a slider menu will appear
  • Slide it toward the right until you see “Expeditions” and click on it
  • When you’re in the Expeditions menu, you’ll see all the expeditions you can send Pikmin on
  • Choose one of the expeditions and select your Pikmin you’d like to send to this mission

After approving the Expedition, your Pikmin will start walking to their destination as a group. You’ll be able to watch them reach their destination, or you can also perform other tasks while your Pikmin completes the expedition. Pikmin who are too tired won’t be able to go on expeditions, but they should feel refreshed in the following days and ready to go on various adventures.

If you’re short on Pikmin, you can unlock more by performing certain in-game tasks, like leveling up your account.

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