How to get a Nuke in Call of Duty Mobile

Nuke online.

Image via Activision

The Call of Duty nuke has evolved a lot throughout the years. It was originally available to level 10 and above players in Modern Warfare 2. The requirement was to kill 25 consecutive enemies without dying. With the Hardline Perk, you can lower this number to 24.

You would be hailed as an elite gamer if you managed to get this killstreak in MW2. There are a lot of videos on YouTube showing people grabbing the killstreak, with the fastest recorded Nuke coming in at 33 seconds. A Nuke ends the game instantly, and the player that activated it wins.

The Nuke has evolved and appeared in many other CoD games. Due to modern skill-based matchmaking, however, it’s more difficult to achieve nowadays. In most games, if you can get a double-digit kill streak in any lobby, you’re either smurfing or need to be in a much better lobby.

Call of Duty: Mobile brings the Nuke back and asks players to achieve similar results. As a result of the skill-based matchmaking in CoD: Mobile, this is much harder than in older games. Consider yourself elite if you can get a Nuke in CoD: Mobile.

How to get a Nuke in Call of Duty: Mobile

The Tactical Nuke is now the Nuclear Bomb, but it has a similar concept to the Tactical Nuke. You can only obtain the Nuclear Bomb by getting 20 consecutive gun kills. You cannot stack these kills with operator skills, other scorestreaks, or the Hardline perk. It is also necessary to be level 20, making the level much higher than other CoD games, but the killstreak requirement much lower.

Players will see a 10-second countdown on their screens once the nuclear warhead is used, followed by a siren. As soon as the countdown ends, the entire battlefield will be enveloped in bloom and white light. A slowdown in time will occur, all vehicles will explode, and all enemies will die instantly.

The match won’t end there, and the enemy players will just respawn after dying.

To get the Nuke Killcam, you need to finish your game with a Nuke. You will be shown a Nuclear Bomb Final Killcam if you make the last kill a nuke kill. It’s incredibly satisfying and is like a reward for saving that Nuke for the end of the game. The game will end if a survivor launches a nuke in Attack of the Undead game mode, however. In that case, all remaining survivors will win.