How to find the day 19 Pirate Treasure Chest in Free Fire

The Pirate's Treasure Chest was hidden in Purgatory today.

Image via Garena

Each day of December brings a new hidden location for a Pirate’s Treasure Chest in Free Fire. Once found, the chests offer several items to help the player win the game and additional rewards after the player has unlocked all 15 of of them.

The third edition of Free Fire‘s Christmas events features exclusive items like the New Year Costume items that can be purchased with Spheres, as well as the daily spin of the Winter Wonderland wheel and a new Winterlands weapon.

Screengrab via Free Fire

What is the location of the Dec. 19 chest? The mini-map shows cornered buildings; it’s actually a part of the Quarry in Purgatory.

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The treasure can be dug up between the constructions and the hangars of the corner. You may want to focus on looting equipment rather than rushing to dig up the treasure since many players will already know it’s here and will want to take it too.

During the event, players can spin the Winter Wonderland wheel and find a treasure with a new location each day. Since yesterday, a new weapon skin was also released named the Royal M60.


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