How to earn flower coins in Pikmin Bloom

"I summon the forces of nature."

Image via Nintendo

Niantic and Nintendo’s newest creation, Pikmin Bloom, just went live in selected regions with a surprise announcement.

Instead of capturing various Pokémon in Pokémon GO, players will plant flowers around their walk path. Once you start planting flowers all around you, you’ll quicken the growth of your Pikmin.

To unlock certain items in the game, players will need to use flower coins, the in-game currency of Pikmin Bloom. If you’re a bit of a collector, you’ll want to accumulate a decent number of flower coins so you can unlock all the items in the game and have enough left for the upcoming ones. These coins will also help players speed up some in-game processes.

Here’s how you can earn flower coins in Pikmin Bloom.

Purchase them in the in-game store

The fastest way to acquire flower coins will be through purchasing them from the in-game shop. While most free-to-play (f2p) players will want to continue playing the game without spending a dime, flower coins are the prime way of reducing the overall waiting times in the game. Any other way to get them for free will simply be too slow to justify the process, so purchasing flower coins from the store will be worth it even if you wait for discount seasons.

Continue playing the game

The best aspect of Pikmin Bloom is that you won’t have to do anything special to earn flower coins. Simply playing the game and planting flowers will be enough to accumulate flower coins over time. 

Considering the game’s just releasing around the world, chances are the developers may also decide to implement different challenges during events that may reward players with flower coins. Keeping up with Pikmin Bloom will be the ultimate way to stack free flower coins.

Beware of scams that advertise free flower coins but require you to download third-party apps or ask you to enter your login details to a website you don’t know. These so-called exploits don’t actually work and are a common way of stealing players’ login details. If you accidentally downloaded such a program or entered your login details to an unfamiliar website, reset all of your important passwords on a secure device.