Here are the patch notes for Brawl Stars’ Stu and Power League update

An additional maintenance fixed server issues after the update.

Image via Supercell

Stu joined the roster of characters earlier today in Brawl Stars, and can be unlocked upon reaching 10,000 trophies. The Power League, a new competitive mode to replace Power Play, will also kick off soon.

Aside from the two headliners, other changes were also introduced by the update, such as bug fixes, balance changes, new cosmetic items and the start of the PSG event.

Here are the full patches notes for Brawl Stars‘ Stu and Power League update.

New Brawler: Stu

Stu used to be a crash test bot in Starr Park, but since the audience loved to see him crash, Stu then became a stunt driver extraordinaire with gasoline in his veins. He makes a big entrance, burning serious rubber all over the stage.

  • Main Attack: Razzle Dazzle. Stu fires out two pyrotechnic shots that pack quite a wallop.
  • Super Ability: Nitro Boost. Hitting an opponent with Razzle Dazzle charges up Stu’s Nitro Boost. A short dash that bumps opponents out of the way. Leaves a trail of burning rubber on the ground that will set fire to any opponents that touch it.
  • Gadget: Speed Zone. Stu drops a booster that makes himself and his teammates move faster inside its area of effect.
  • 1st Star Power: Zero Drag. Increases Stu’s Super dash length
  • 2nd Star Power: Gaso-Heal. Each Super activation heals Stu for 500 health (will be released weeks after the update)

New Skins & Character

  • New Skins
    • Smuggler Penny: First Ranked Season Reward Skin. Needs to be unlocked in Power League and can be purchased by 25,000 Star Points
    • Bibi Vigilante: 49 Gems
    • Superstar Stu: 29 Gems
    • PSG Dynamike: PSG Challenge Reward or 149 Gems later
  • Animated Pins: Rico, Bull, Frank, Dynamike, Crow, Bo, Tick, Nani, Darryl
  • Animated Faces: Brock, Boombox Brock, Bo, Mecha Bo, Horus Bo, Underworld Bo, Tick, King Crab, El Primo, El Rudo, El Rey, Poco, Pirate Poco, Rico, Loaded Rico, Ricochet, Guard Rico

Game Modes / Event Rotation Changes

  • New PSG-themed Challenge with a PSG Dynamike Skin reward.
    • Nine wins four losses. Players can purchase three extra lives for 80 gems (escalating with each rebuy. Up to two rebuys)

Power League

Brawl Stars’ brand new competitive mode will replace Power Play.

  • Power League unlocks from the Trophy Road at 4,500 Trophies
  • Players can play unlimited matches per day
  • Season length is 10 weeks (tied to the Brawl Pass Season – But the first season will be shorter)
  • Best-of-three match format
  • All the games in a Match are played on a single randomly selected Game Mode and Map. A new Map and Game Mode will be picked every time you hit Play
  • Both teams have a Captain.
    • Solo: The player with the highest progression will be picked as the Captain of the team.
    • Team: The leader of the party will be the Captain of the team.
  • There is a ban and pick phase happening prior to starting the match
    • Both Team Captains blind ban a Brawler at the same time: None of the teams can pick a banned brawler
    • Pick phase goes in turns so you can react accordingly
    • You can’t pick the same Brawler as your opponent
  • Solo or three-man full premade team queue options. Each mode has separate matchmaking and rank progression
  • Matchmaking & Progress
    • Players are matched based on their current rank
    • Solo mode has a hard limit of more or less two ranks difference allowed for the players in the match
    • Team mode allows any players with any rank to play in the team, The matchmaking is done based on the highest rank player in the team
    • The higher the rank of your opponent, the more progress your earn
  • Initial Ranking placement is based on the highest Power Play rating a player has achieved
    • Bronze 1: 0-149
    • Bronze 2: 150-299
    • Bronze 3: 300-449
    • Silver 1: 450-599
    • Silver 2: 600-749
    • Silver 3: 750-899
    • Gold 1: 900-1049
    • Gold 2: 1050-1199
    • Gold 3: 1200-1499
  • Player’s rank will decay after every end of season.
  • The top 500 players also need to stay active for the whole duration of the Season in order to retain their rank. They need to play at least one match per seven days otherwise, they will lose their progression per inactive week until they aren’t listed in the Top 500 anymore.
  • Penalties
    • Leaving at any point after a match has been found will lead to penalties
  • Rewards
    • The player is eligible to receive season end rewards if they have played at least one match during the Power League season
    • Exclusive Skin reward: Smuggler Penny
      • Needs to be unlocked by achieving a certain rank in Power League
      • The skin offer will be visible in the shop for the whole season duration for the players who met the unlock condition.
      • The skin will also be later available in the regular Shop skin offer rotation for the players who met the unlock condition during the season. Players who did not participate in the Power League Season will not be able to purchase it later.
    • Profile Picture Rewards
      • Two different Profile Pictures can be unlocked. You can earn one by playing the mode and the other by reaching a certain Rank.
    • Star Points rewards are given out based on the highest rank reached. If your solo rank is higher than your Team Rank, then you will get only the solo rank rewards

Map Maker

  • Added support for Hot Zone and Siege game modes, coming later in this update.


  • High Refresh Rate Devices (Android)
    • Devices with higher refresh rates are now automatically supported if the manufacturer enabled this option for Brawl Stars (90/120/144/240Hz)

Brawler Balance Changes

  • Barley
    • Extra Noxious extra damage increased from 140 to 200
  • Bea
    • Honey Coat has been replaced with Honeycomb which gives Bea a 20 percent damage reducing shield while her Main Attack shot is supercharged
  • Bo
    • Main Attack damage increased from 520 to 560
  • Brock
    • Main Attack damage increased from 1,040 to 1,120
  • Carl
    • Heat Ejector has been reworked and it now sets the targets who come in contact with the trail on fire dealing 300 damage per second for 4 seconds.
    • Protective Pirouette damage reducing shield increased from 30 percent to 35 percent
  • Crow
    • Extra Toxic damage debuff against poisoned targets increased from 20 percent to 25 percent
    • Carrion Crow extra damage against low health targets increased from 120 to 152
  • Gale
    • Super ability damage increased from 100 to 240
  • Gene
    • Health increased from 3,200 to 3,600
  • Lou
    • Health increased from 3,100 to 3,200
    • Lou’s Super ability now deals 40 damage per second to enemies in the area
    • Hypothermia maximum reload speed debuff increased from 35 percent to 50 percent
  • Amber
    • Main Attack damage decreased from 2,200 to 2,000 per second
    • Super ability damage increased from 1,800 to 1,920
  • Edgar
    • Health decreased from 3,000 to 2,800
  • Jessie
    • Health decreased from 3,200 to 3,000
  • Mr. P
    • Health decreased from 3,200 to 3,000
  • Tick
    • Main Attack mines now spread further apart based on the throwing distance
    • Backup Mine has been replaced with Mine Mania which adds three extra mines to Tick’s next Main Attack

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where newly applied damage over time effects were overwriting the existing effect (for example Byron’s poison removing Crow’s poison).
  • Fixed an issue with Street Wear Max skins texture.
  • Fixed an issue with Auto-fire targeting Brawlers beyond the attack range.