Garena reveals upcoming features of OB24 update in Free Fire

Bermuda will be remastered.

Image via Garena

A new update called the “Bermuda Patch” will hit the Free Fire live servers tomorrow, Sept. 23 on iOS and Android. It will bring many new gameplay features, such as the Bermuda Remaster, the new pet Rockie, and two new characters named Dasha and Sverr.

The update will also see some gameplay elements tweaked, such as the use of grenades, which will be able to be “cooked” to be thrown with perfect timing. Teammates will be able to be used to get a jump boost, too.

Image via Garena on Facebook

Balance changes will hit four weapons. The MI4 will deal one more point of damage, but its minimum damage will be reduced by five points, from 30 to 25. The KAR98k Biometric Scope and MI4 Rage Core will receive nerfs while the Plasma will be buffed.

A new Spawn Map will also join Free Fire, which should bring a breath of fresh air to players while they’re waiting for the game to begin. It will be available as soon as the patch hits the live servers, as well as several improvements that will be made to the training island. They include a new target arcade and the optimization of various features.

But the main highlight of the update is the Bermuda map, as the patch’s name suggests. It was already released in the Clash Squad mode, but it will join the classic games as well. Players who only play the classic mode will discover the remaster with this update.

On top of those changes, a new language will be added to the game: Hindi. This will make Free Fire more accessible in India, where the game gathers a wide player base.

The complete patch notes have yet to be revealed, though. Players will discover them after downloading the update tomorrow, but they’ll have to wait for a period of maintenance, which should last a few hours.