Free Fire matches will be quicker due to changes in new season

Changes to the Safe Zone will affect the duration of battle royale matches.

Image via Garena

Free Fire is set to have shorter matches due to some changes that are being implemented with the new ranked season. The time reduction is happening because of modifications to the Safe Zone duration. From time to time, Garena makes these changes to encourage new gameplay styles and strategies.

With the start of the 26th ranked season of the battle royale, Free Fire matches are set to last for 17 minutes and 10 seconds. This basically happens because the first Safe Zone shrinks more quickly.

Here are the new Safe Zone durations in Free Fire:

  • The first Safe Zone will appear at 95 seconds.
    • It will start to shrink 90 seconds later.
  • At 210 seconds, the first Safe Zone is totally closed.
  • 90 seconds later, the second Safe Zone starts to shrink.
  • 100 seconds later, the second one is completely closed.
  • There will then be a 75-second break for the third Safe Zone to begin shrinking.
  • Another 75 seconds later, it is already closed.
  • There will then be a 90-second break for the fourth Safe Zone to begin shrinking.
  • One minute later, it will be completely closed.
  • There will then be a 50-second break to begin the fifth Safe Zone shrinking.
  • Another 50 seconds later, it is already closed.
  • In 45 seconds, the last Safe Zone begins to shrink.

In total, the new duration of Free Fire matches is 1,030 seconds. The new season started in mid-February and will last until mid-April.

With the new season, Garena may add even more changes to battle royale matches.