Final Fantasy VII is getting a mobile battle royale game

It is a prequel to FFVII.

Image via Square Enix

Square Enix announced a new battle royale game in the Final Fantasy VII universe today. It is called The First Soldier and will arrive on Android and iOS later this year.

Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier is set in Midgar, which is the capital city of the giant industrial enterprise, Shinra Electric Power Company. Thirty years before the events of FFVII, Shinra created “SOLDIER,” an experimental corps of enhanced fighters to assist it in its military control.

Image via Square Enix

Players achieve victory in the battle royale game by fighting with these soldiers. While Square Enix has only dropped a teaser for the game, it seems that the game will contain a fairly large map with environments that fans of FFVII will be familiar with.

Image via Square Enix

Based on the teaser, players can equip two weapons and will also have three abilities. There will be several soldiers in The First Soldier with different abilities. It will release worldwide in 2021.

Other than the mobile battle royale title, Square Enix also announced FFVII Ever Crisis for Android and iOS devices. It is a “chapter-structured single-player game” that will cover the whole FFVII timeline. The game is slated for a 2022 release.