Elite Pass Rampage II now available in Free Fire

The pass creates a world plagued by war.

Image via Free Fire India

Season 26 of the Free Fire Elite Pass, called Rampage II Uprising, became available today and will last until July 31. The theme of the pass is war, with fiery outfits and banners.

While players who don’t purchase the pass can still get exclusive rewards, such as an icon and war-themed cosmetics, those who have the Elite Pass will get even more cosmetics, like featured sets and vehicle skins.

Screengrab via Free Fire

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Rewards will be given out once a player earns 250 badges by purchasing them or complete missions. The missions for free pass holders reset every day and offer one token each, while the elite and veteran missions reward up to eight per task.

A free spin will also be offered to players starting July 3. This will give players the chance to win an item from the Emblem Collection by completing missions and trading emblems with friends.

The season pass also includes a whole story, which can be read in the pass tab. It’s the sequel to the Elite Pass Rampage I, which was released in May 2019 for the game’s 13th season. The short story plunges the players into a dark world on the brink of destruction, with war raging between Bringers and Liberi.

“The Bringers of Chance were unleashed on the world ten years ago,” the description reads. “A world war was raging – some thought the Bringers woule be the straw that broke the camel’s back and end the world as they knew it.”

Players who log in before July 9 can choose a side between Bringers and Liberi and get a free spin by logging in every day for seven days.

Both clans appear to be balanced so far. The Bringers are described as “mythological figures of devastation,” while the Liberi are “fighting for their own beliefs.”

The story can help you decide which clan to choose, but it’s also useful to see the list of items rewarded, which aren’t the same and includes a different skin for each side.

Players can help their clan win by earning carnage points, which are offered by completing daily missions. The victorious clan will get more rewards. The 100 players with the most carnage points on each side will also get more items.

Meanwhile, the ranked season ended on June 26. Season 16 is underway and will last until Aug. 21.