Cream Real Betis beat Chivas Esports in week 4 of the CRL West

It will all come down to the final week to decide the playoffs' teams.

Image via Supercell

Cream Real Betis took down Chivas Esports 3-1 in the fourth week of the Clash Royale League (West) 2020 today.

With this loss, Chivas Esports have bowed out of contention for a spot in the playoffs. The team has already played all four of its matches in the regular season and didn’t manage to win even one.

In the two-versus-two set today, Chivas’ Adrian “Adrian Piedra” Garcia and Sebastian “Pompeyo4” Gonzales were up against Cream’s Diego “DiegoE” Enrique and Yeray “Yeray” Rodriguez. Cream Esports won the two-versus-two 2-0 comfortably.

The one-versus-one set saw Chivas’ Jose “Anaban” Luis take on Cream’s Pedro “xPedro15” Rojas. The matches were extremely close.

In the second game of the set, both players made back and forth trades into the opponent’s towers. The players’ decks had poison and a graveyard which they spammed as much as possible in overtime. The match had to go into tiebreaker as neither could manage to take down a tower. Cream’s xPedro15 won by just 129HP.

In the following game, Anaban got a one-crown victory taking the set in Chivas Esports’ favor.

In the King of the Hill, Cream Real Betis dominated Chivas Esports 3-0. Chivas were only close to a victory in the first match where Pompeyo4 was up against DiegoE. A tornado by DiegoE with just two seconds left of overtime saw him edge out his opponent by just 22HP in the ensuing tiebreaker.

Cream Real Betis have now climbed to second place in the Group A rankings table. They are tied with Dignitas who also have two victories from three matches. Both teams will be looking for a win next week to secure a place in the playoffs.