CoD Mobile surpassed 180 million downloads with second-best mobile game launch ever

Only Pokémon GO had a more successful launch on mobile.

Image via Activision

Call of Duty: Mobile surpassed 180 million downloads in only three months after its release on Oct. 1, 2019, a Sensor Tower study showed. The launch was second only to Pokémon GO, which released in 2016.

The game was particularly popular in the United States, where it grossed nearly $50 million in revenue in three months. That number was just $10 million short of Fortnite mobile’s record revenue numbers after its release.

Following CoD Mobile, the second-most downloaded game on Android was Mario Kart in 2019’s quarter four with 80 million downloads—far behind CoD Mobile.

Despite this strong release, CoD Mobile was launched too late in the year to top the mobile games downloads of the year, where PUBG Mobile is placed first at over 285 million downloads.

It might be different in 2020, however, since Activision introduces updates in the game at a fast pace. Season two will end in five days and make way for season three, which will bring numerous new features and balance changes.

Six events are simultaneously available on the game with challenges and special rewards, as well as three different game modes—Sticks and Stones, Zombies, Multiplayer, and Battle Royale. Many tournaments are regularly hosted by the community while waiting for an official statement on the matter by Activision and Tencent.