Clash Royale’s next update will bring a new legendary card, arena, and possibly a season pass

The devs said that the update is shaping up to be one of their favorites.

Image via Supercell

Clash Royale has teased a new card and ability—both related to a hook.

The new card was teased across all of Clash Royale’s social media including its official website. The posts included a photo of a hook, saying that the legendary card will bring a new and unique mechanic to the game. This has left players to speculate whether a hooking mechanic is coming.

It’s been around six months since the last legendary card so this was a long time coming .

It appears that this is highly likely courtesy of an official Reddit post by the Clash Royale team back in February where they said that they were working on a “new troop” with a “pulling/hook mechanic.” It now seems likely that they were referring to the card being teased.

In addition to the new legendary card, a lot of other things will be coming in the update as well. A Reddit post on June 14 by the Clash Royale team revealed what we can expect in this new update. In addition to the new card, a new arena is also coming along with some changes to the crown chests. More details about these changes were not revealed and we will have to wait for more information by Supercell.

The end of the post also included an exciting tease: “Prepare for Clash Royale Season 1…..” It seems likely that Clash Royale is bringing a season pass. Almost all other popular games have a season pass and it will be no surprise if Clash Royale heads in that direction as well.

A release for the update is not available. Clash Royale did say that fans should keep their eyes open as more information about the update will be released in the coming weeks.