Clash Royale season 24 is called Rumble in the Jungle

A new tower skin, changes to the Royale Pass, and four emotes are coming.

Image via Supercell

Clash Royale’s season 24 will be called Rumble in the Jungle, according to Royale API.

It will begin on June 7 and bring a new tower skin, emotes, Royale Pass, and the huge summer update. The summer update is extending the trophy road to 8,000 trophies, adding two new arenas (Rascals Hideout and Serenity Peak), bringing changes to leagues and Clan Wars, balance changes, and other features. The complete details about it can be found in the update’s patch notes.

The summer update will also introduce a new card called the Goblin Drill. As its name suggests, it’s a drill that can be deployed on any part of the arena and contains several goblins. It comes in epic rarity and costs four elixir to use in battle.

The Goblin Drill is also the boosted card for season 24. This means that the card will be boosted to each player’s King Level for the entire season.

The arena for the season is the Jungle Arena. There will be four emotes coming in season 24:

  • Goblin Drill: Drive (Challenge)
  • Dart Goblin: Backfire (Pass Royale)
  • Firecracker: Heart. (Unlocks at 4,700 trophies)
  • Skeleton Dragon: Jaw Drop (Shop)

As usual, a new Royale Pass will debut with Rumble in the Jungle. It’ll cost $4.99 and contain 35 tiers of rewards. Players must advance through the tiers by earning crowns in matches. Other than the Dart Goblin: Backfire emote, players can unlock the Jungle tower skin at tier 10.

For season 24, the number of crowns required to complete the Royale Pass has been reduced. Now, some tiers will unlock at just five crowns. Besides this, the maximum bonus gold that can be earned after completing all 35 tiers has been increased to 25,000 from 10,000.