Clash Royale season 21 is called Birthday Royale

It will mark the game's fifth anniversary.

Image via Supercell

Clash Royale’s season 21, called Birthday Royale, will be celebrating the game’s fifth anniversary. To mark the occasion, Supercell is introducing some birthday-themed emotes and a tower skin, according to Royale API.

Clash Royale was released globally on March 2, 2016. It was the fourth game by Finnish-developers Supercell after Gunshine, Hay Day, and Clash of Clans. The mobile game quickly become the top grossing and downloaded title in the United States.

The Birthday Card tower skin for season 21 can be unlocked at tier 10 of the Pass Royale. Players can purchase the Pass Royale for $4.99. The Sparky: Surprise emote will be available at tier 20.

Image via Royale API

Three other emotes are arriving in season 21. This includes the Elixir Golem: Candle Head, which can be unlocked through a challenge, and the Lumberjack: Cake Run, that will be available in the shop.

Finally, the Battle Healer: Cake Throw emote will be given away by Clash Royale content creators. The creators will hold different giveaways for this exclusive emote.

This season, the Birthday Cake on Wheels arena will be back into the game. The boosted card for Birthday Royale is the Elixir Golem. The card will be boosted to the players’ king level for the entire season.

Clash Royale’s season 21 will begin on March 1.