Clash Royale season 2 is coming soon

A lot of new and exciting stuff will be introduced.

Image via Supercell

The second season for Clash Royale will be released on Aug. 5 with new emotes, skins, and some balance changes.

The upcoming season will introduce a new arena called Shipwrecked, which is where most of the battles will be fought.

The pass royale now has 35 new tiers to unlock. Going along with the entire summer vibe of Clash Royale, a new tower skin has been unveiled. This tower skin will be available to unlock at reward tier 30. A new king emote will also be added to the game. This will be the first king emote since the game’s launch in 2016. Reaching tier 35 will grant players a guaranteed legendary card. Like always, the pass royale will provide players with a lot of other rewards, including a number of chests and gold.

Fisherman, the game’s newest card, will soon be available to everyone. The Cannon, Cannon Cart, Fisherman, and Goblin Cage will be available to unlock via the trophy road.

Finally, a few balance changes will be implemented when the update drops on Aug. 5. The Magic Archer and P.E.K.K.A are receiving some changes, while Fisherman will get a huge buff. The Lumberjack, Barbarian Barrel, and Valkyrie are being nerfed in the coming update, too.

The update will also introduce automatic chest unlocking to the mobile game. The pass royale should cost $4.99 for season two.