Clash Royale season 17 is called Treasures of the Old King

It's bringing a new arena, tower skin, and emotes.

Image via Supercell

Clash Royale’s 17th season is right around the corner. It is called “Treasures of the Old King” and will begin on Nov. 2. As usual, the season will bring a new Royale Pass along with a new tower skin, emotes, and arena.

The Royale Pass has two variants: the free version and the paid version. The paid version costs $4.99 and offers better rewards. The Ghostly Treasure tower skin, the first semi-transparent tower skin in Clash Royale, will be available at tier 10 of the Royale Pass. The Mega Knight Ball Clash emote will be unlocked at tier 20. Players can expect a legendary chest at the final tier.

The Boosted Cards for the season are the Royal Ghost and the Electro Giant. These cards will be “boosted” to the players’ king level for the entire season. This means that if a player is at level nine, these two cards will also be at level nine for this season. The new arena for the season is the Royal Tomb Arena.

A lot of balance changes are also coming with the new season. This includes a buff to the Mini Pekka and the Tombstone while the Electro Wizard and the Sparky have been nerfed. Two cards have also been reworked: the Elite Barbarians and the Graveyard.

The ongoing season 16 of the game will end on Nov. 2 with Treasures of the Old King starting after that. The balance changes, on the other hand, will go live on Nov. 3.