Clash Royale season 14 to receive major balance changes

Many defensive cards will get significantly nerfed.

Screengrab via Supercell

Clash Royale‘s upcoming season is right around the corner. It will go live on Aug. 3, but information, including the season’s theme and new cosmetic items, has yet to be announced. The balance changes were the first reveal, which was made public last night on Reddit.

The meta will get a significant shift with several buffs and nerfs due the spells’ reduction of damage dealt to the Crown Tower, as well as the nerf of several defensive cards such as The Log, Royal Delivery, and Bats.

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Here are all the changes announced:

  • Bawler (Rework): Sight Range -20 percent, Projectile Range +25 percent, Hitpoints +eight percent.
  • Royal Recruits (Buff): Damage increased by eight percent (allows them to destroy Spear Goblins with one hit).
  • Bats (Nerf): Hit Speed increased by 0.2 seconds, which makes them slower.
  • The Log (Nerf): Projectile Range reduced by nine percent (shown in video here)
  • Royal Delivery (balancing): Knockback removed, Royal Recruit damage increased by eight percent.
  • The spells make five percent less damage to the crown tower. Involved cards: Arrows, Giant Snowball, Fireball, Freeze, Lightning, Poison, Rocket, The Log, Zap, and Miner (from 35 percent damage to 30 percent).

“It’s cool for spells to have really healthy use rates, they provide a bit too much value if used to destroy a Troop next to the opponent’s tower,” Supercell said to explain the significant change on spell cards. “This, coupled with the creation of sometimes stale and frustrating ‘Spell Cycle’ strategies, sees them get a slight reduction to Crown Tower Damage this Season.”

The Miner will also take a great blow with this new nerf on the damage dealt to the crown tower. Royal Delivery might also be less picked to counter push, in opposition to the Bowler who will receive a buff.

The balance changes will go live on Aug. 4, the day after the season’s official release.