Clash Royale November update brings big change to how matches are played

Normal matches will now have 3x elixir as well.

Image via Supercell

The Clash Royale November update is a huge one. It will completely change the way matches are played in the card-based strategy game. 

Supercell has lowered the match times from six minutes to five, reducing the overtime to two minutes. Changes to the elixir recharge rate have also been made. Now, the first two minutes will have a normal elixir recharge rate. The third and fourth minutes will recharge elixir at two times the speed while the final minute will have a 3x elixir recharge rate.  The overtime will be in the fourth and fifth minutes.

Supercell revealed that the changes have been made to make matches faster and more exciting. The elixir speed boost in the final minute will also increase the skill cap, Supercell says, as players will be required to cycle their cards faster and also predict what plays their opponents are going to make.

The major meta change to the game is being introduced just before the Clash Royale League (CRL) World Finals 2019 on Dec. 6. 

The update also introduced several balance changes. The “Arrows” have received a buff with a 23 percent damage increase. Playing the card will now release the arrows in three waves instead of one. The “Executioner’s” hitpoints, hitspeed, and range have been increased while his damage has been decreased. Area damage has been added back to the “Witch.” She has also received a damage nerf will her attack speed has been increased. The complete patch notes can be read here.

A new card info screen has also been added with this update. Players will now be able to see more information and stats about the cards. A card preview feature has also been added to show how the card should be played in the arena.