Clash of Clans June 2021 update to bring new super troop

Get ready to zoom across the enemy base and demolish it with the Rocket Balloon.

Image via Supercell

Clash of Clans’ June update is launching soon with a lot of new features. One of the most exciting of these is a new super troop, called Rocket Balloon.

As the name suggests, it’s a quick-moving hot air balloon that is fitted with rocket boosters. The Rocket Balloon rams against structures to damage them and also does splash damage in a radius around it on being destroyed. It costs 25,000 dark elixirs to get the boost. The balloon’s favorite targets are defenses.

Rocket Balloon stats

Here are some of the stats for the Rocket Balloon.

LevelDPSDamage when destroyedHPTraining CostTraining Time
Eight2364008408800 Elixir48 seconds
Nine2565009409600 Elixir48 seconds
10276600104010400 Elixir48 seconds

More Town Hall 14 Levels

Supercell also recently revealed the upcoming June update will add new Building and Troop levels for Town Hall 14. These are as follows:

New Building Levels

BuildingLevelUpgrade costUpgrade timeDPSHP
Archer Tower2017.5 million gold17 days1401700
Wizard Tower1418.2 million gold18 days902900
Air Defense1218 million gold18 days4801600
Barracks15Six million Elixir11 daysNA1150

New Trap Levels

TrapLevelUpgrade costUpgrade timeDPSRadius
Giant BombEightNine million gold11 days400Four tiles
Air BombNineSeven million goldNine days290Three tiles

More Wall Segments

After the June update drops into Clash of Clans, players who are at Town Hall 14 will be able to upgrade 50 more wall segments to level 15.

New Troop Levels

TroopLevelUpgrade costUpgrade timeDPSHPTraining costTraining time
DragonNine18.5 million Elixir18 days350450026,000 ElixirThree minutes
Balloon1018 million Elixir18 days276/35210406,500 Elixir30 seconds
Electro DragonFive19 million Elixir18 days360/630480044,000 ElixirSix minutes
  • The second DPS for the Balloon and Electro Dragon indicate the damage when they are destroyed.

Supercell will be revealing more details about the June update in the coming days.