Call of Duty: Mobile adds sniper-only game mode

It is a limited-time mode.

Screengrab via Activision

In an effort to keep its giant playerbase happy, Call of Duty: Mobile has dropped a sniper-only game mode.

As the name suggests, the five-vs-five game mode can only be played with snipers. Playable in all five CoD: Mobile maps, each match lasts until one team hits 40 kills or until 10 minutes has elapsed.

When the game starts, players are given an option between two sniper rifles: the DL Q33 and Arctic .50. Don’t worry if you don’t have these guns unlocked in your loadout as you can still play with them in the sniper-only mode. The guns also come fully loaded with attachments. The mode is a limited-time one and will be open until Oct. 24.

Players can complete specific missions to get crates, credits, and even the Task Force 141 Frame.  

Recently, Activision had unveiled the gun game and free-for-all modes to the game for limited-time periods. The free-for-all mode closed today and has been replaced by the sniper-only mode. The gun game will be open for another 26 days.